Public Safety

Police, fire protection and animal control are provided to the City of Sandersville by the Department of Public Safety. Services include law enforcement and community policing, fire protection and education, vehicle extrication and rescue, medical first response and other related services.

The Police Department at 130 Malone St. houses the City Police station and the Municipal Court. The Fire Department headquarters is a 125 Warthen St.

The men and women of these departments are dedicated to the good health and protection of all of Sandersville's residents. As such, they are responsible for enforcing laws, administering regulatory programs, managing records, educating the public, and managing emergencies, both directly and through interaction with other agencies.

The Police Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the City of Sandersville by preserving the peace, protecting persons and property, and controlling disorder by enforcing laws and ordinances within the city.

The Fire Department serves the residents of Sandersville by protecting lives, property, and the environment against the effects of fire, other emergencies and hazards through the efforts of a dedicated team of career and volunteer firefighters.

The Animal Control Unit is responsible for the enforcement of laws pertaining to animals. The unit also shelters abandoned or orphaned animals and make them available for adoption.

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