Fire Department

Sandersville  Fire  Department
125 Warthen Street
Sandersville, Georgia 31082
Phone: 478-552-6233
Fax: 478-552-7460
Russell Riner, Chief

The mission of the Sandersville Fire Department is to preserve life, property, and environment through public education, code management and emergency response.

The Sandersville Fire Department operates three pumpers, one ladder, one tanker, and one rescue truck. The department has a combination of seven full-time and 24 volunteer firefighters. The full-time members consist of a chief, three captains and three engineers. The volunteers include three lieutenants and 21 firefighters.

The Fire Department's response area is in a district outlined by the 911 area map. Primary responsibility remains in the city limits of Sandersville with one tanker owned by Washington County to respond to rural calls. The Department backs up other fire departments in Washington County as needed.

SFD serves a population of 5,912 residents within the city limits and larger areas in the county. In 2015, SFD responded to 280 fire/rescue calls and conducted 35 training classes and drills. SFD has an ISO classification of a class 3/3x. The Department is certified by the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council. Firefighters train on the first and third Wednesdays of every month.

All volunteer firefighters are "Volunteer Supression Firefighters" and career firefighters are "State Certified Firefighter 1" compliant with most being certified as Rescue Specialists trained in Vehicle Extrication. Some firefighters are also trained as EMTs or Medical First Responders. SFD houses the Washington County Unit of The Oconee Area Haz-Mat Response Team which consists of members who are trained as Haz-Mat Technicians and Operations.

SFD promotes fire safety, fire prevention, and awareness programs to local schools and the business community. Each year fire safety materials are distributed to the elementary schools. SFD is a member of the Washington County Firefighter's Association and the Georgia State Firefighter's Association.

For additional information on the City of Sandersville Fire Department or to schedule a public prevention class, please contact Chief Russell Riner at 478-552-6233 or email:

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