Downtown Sandersville
Farmers Market Operating Rules
Mission statement:
To provide a Downtown Farmers Market dedicated to the sale of agricultural products and home baked foods. The Market will provide a foundation for building partnerships among farmers, agriculturalists, consumers and the business community.

1. The Market will operate from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays on the square in downtown Sandersville.

2. Participation is open to any person interested in its promotion and who abides by the market regulations. All vendors must complete an application for participation in the Market and must agree in writing that they will abide by market rules or be subject to expulsion from the market (see attached Market application).

3. It is the responsibility of each vendor/producer to abide by all state/federal/county regulations which govern the production, harvest, preparation, preservation, labeling or safety of the product the vendor offers for sale at the Market.

4. From the second weekend in May through Thanksgiving, Washington County vendors will have priority signage and location at the Market. ALL items to be sold by these vendors must be grown or made in Washington County by the vendor. Only Washington County vendors will be allowed to park in the space adjacent to Highway 15. Trailers, out of county vendors, those reselling products and those requiring more than one space must be parked in the spaces adjacent to the courthouse (see attached map). Space within the designated area may be assigned. Vendors MUST be in place by 7:30 a.m. and MUST stay until 11:30AM. Due to the increase traffic and public safety concerns.

5. All vendors are required to use the Green Market Umbrellas furnished at the Market. Should a vendor park in a space that is not “set-up” for the Market Umbrella or if the supply of market umbrellas is exhausted, the vendor is allowed to use their own umbrella. Only one Market Umbrella will be allowed per vendor. Market Umbrellas will not be used in inclement weather. Market Umbrellas are to be put up and taken down only by authorized Market personnel.

6. There is no charge for vendor spaces for the time being.

7. Each vendor will be responsible for setting up, displaying and packaging their products, as well as protecting those products from the elements. Vendors must leave their selling area in a clean and orderly condition. All trash and unsold goods must be removed from the Market area by the vendor.

8. Vendors may coordinate and sell for each other as long as the products are labeled as to origin. (grown by Jo Smith of Washington County, Jelly by Nick Meyers of Johnson County). The label doesn’t have to be tagged on each item; it can just be a sign on the table indicating origin.

9. Vendors may sell produce purchased elsewhere as long as they are parked in the appropriate areas of the Market.

10. Home baked and processed foods such as sausage, bread, jellies, jams, preserves, sandwiches and pickles are welcome but they all must adhere to all regulations from the Georgia Department of Agriculture / Georgia Department of Health (Washington County Health Department). This includes having product labels that list product name, vendor telephone number and ingredients of the product. Honey and syrup must also have product labels.

11. Sale of flea-market/garage sale items is not allowed at the Market. Arts and crafts are permitted for sale at the Market if they are made from agricultural products or handmade, one-of-a-kind traditional crafts such as soap making, candle making, quilting, spinning, and weaving. Arts and Crafts are subject to review and approval by the Market committee. Special events and sales can be approved by the DDA.

12. Prices should be fair market value negotiated by the vendor and the customer. Undercutting other vendor’s prices and ruining the profit margin for everyone is a problem at some markets and can lead to the failure of the entire venture. This Market will not make rules about this until it becomes a problem. For the time being courtesy and neighborliness will rule. Supermarket prices and the Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin are two common sources of fair market value. The Market is not responsible for arrangements made between customers and vendors. No warranty of any sort, expressed or implied, is made by the Market.

13. One or more members of the Market committee will serve on a rotating basis during market days. These Market volunteers will resolve problems that arise on market day, gather information about the Market and call WACO 100 for the morning update (478)553-1313.

14. Any accident or injury must be immediately reported to a Market volunteer. Anyone who comes to participate in the Market, vendor or customer, comes at their own risk. The Market is not liable for an injury to person or property.

15. Because of Department of Agriculture concerns, vendors may not bring pets or touch animals while at the Market. All visiting pets must be on a leash. Owners of unruly animals will be asked to leave the Market.

16. Only whisper soft or quite generators will be allowed at the Market. Vendors operating generators judged excessively loud by the Market committee may be asked to leave.

17. Any cooking to be done at the Market must be done in a mobile unit approved by the Washington County Health Department. Other cooked items may be sold at the Market as long as they are from a Washington County Health Department approved facility.

18. Egg sales are allowed at the Market as long as the vendor has a license from the Georgia Department of Agriculture and adheres to the training requirements of that organization.

19. Willful violation of the Market rules may subject a vendor to exclusion from further participation in the Market. All violations will be reviewed by the Market committee.

20. The rules are intended to be fair and in the best interests of all who participate in the Downtown Farmers Market. The Market committee may, at any time, modify or add to these rules to better serve those interests.

Farmers Market Steering Committee Members:
, Chairman
Brent Allen
Ann Brickhouse
Susan Kunze
Lyle Lansdell
Mary Shurling
Ben Williams