These are all the items currently up for auction in the City of Sandersville. If you wish to bid on these items please click the auction link which will redirect you to the item's auction page where you can place your bid. If you have any questions please contact us.

The auction will be online at If you are interested, please go to the website and create a user name and password and familiarize yourself with the site. To view ONLY the items that the City of Sandersville has, search by QAL# 640.

Items being auctioned can be seen at 130 S. Hospital Road, Sandersville. All bid questions, information or to schedule an appointment to view, please call Jim Collins at 478.552.3459 or 478.232.1091.

The City of Sandersville may reject any, any part of, or all bids. Sales tax is required to be paid on all bids awarded.

Click here to see all available auction items.