Water Department 

Seaborn Street
Seaborn Street, Superintendent

The Sandersville Public Works Water Department is comprised of several subdivisions:

  • Water Treatment and Distribution
  • Wastewater Treatment and Collection
  • Inflow and Infiltration

Seaborn Street is the Superintendent of the Water Department and oversees the daily activities and operations of these departments. He and his crews are devoted to providing uninterrupted services to the residents of Sandersville and take great pride in the quality of the work they perform.

If you should have any concerns or issues involving your water or sewer services please call 478-552-3459 during normal business hours.Call 478-552-2525 for after hours outages and leave your name, address, phone number and the nature of your call and the after hours technician will be notified .




Water Treatment and Distribution 

The City of Sandersville has a water system comprised of three main water plants and three elevated water towers. Six major deep wells serve the City of Sandersville as well as the City of Tennille.

Water is pumped from the ground from an aquifer (which is a larger underground river) and aerated. The water is treated with fluoride, phosphate and chlorine prior to distribution into the system. Consistent analysis of the drinking water is necessary to ensure that a quality product is provided to our customers and that compliance with state and federal agencies are met.

Department personnel also maintain the massive infrastructure of piping, valves, water meters and fire hydrants as well. 


Waste Water Treatment and Collection

The City of Sandersville owns and operates a 1.75 million gallon per day extended aeration wastewater treatment facility located on the Fall Line Freeway. The wastewater facility currently has a surplus capacity of approximately 0.600 MGD. The treatment plant is completely biological and operates with no chemical addition with the exception of chlorine and sulfur dioxide. Chlorine is added to the treated final water to remove any harmful bacteria which may remain in the discharge water. Sulfur Dioxide is added to remove the chorine. The quality of the discharge water is superior that of the receiving stream.

Public Works Department vacuum truck


Inflow and Infiltration

The most recent addition to the Public Works family is the Inflow and Infiltration Department. The I&I crew uses state of the art equipment to video, record and document the condition of the city sanitary sewer system. This gives the staff the ability to repair the collection system before issue arise, reducing the possibilities of failures in homes and businesses. Planning for future needs are based on the findings of the I&I Department as well.