Response Equipment

Captain Michael Hargrove ensures that all vehicles and firefighting equipment are ready for the next call by using a daily and weekly check off procedures and schedules routine maintenance and repairs.

Daily check list:

  • Engines and pumps are run in the station
  • Fluids are checked and topped off
  • All running gear is tested

Weekly check list:

  • Each engine and its hose, tools and equipment is checked and counted from bumper to bumper and vehicles are run out of the station for road and pump tests

Annual check list:

  • Pumps and hoses are tested per NFPA standards to ensure integrity
  • Breathing air equipment and personal protective equipment is inspected and replaced if necessary
  • Vehicles are serviced, oiled, and greased

Our Equipment, Past and Present

1919 American LaFrance Pumper In Service 1920-1968 1949 American LaFrance In Service 1949-1988
1968 American LaFrance Pumper In Service 1968-1994 1975 JACO Pumper In Service 1975-2006
1994 E-One Pumper 1994 Sutphen 75-foot Quint Ladder
2000 E-One Pumper/Rescue In Service 2000-2012 2006 E-One Pumper
2012 Pierce Pumper