Public Works

Contact Information

Sandersville Annex Building
124 South Hospital Rd.
Sandersville, GA 31082
Phone: 478-552-3459
Fax: 478-552-2410
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Director Robert Eubanks

Welcome to the City of Sandersville Public Works Department. The Public Works staff is dedicated to providing customer-friendly service while maintaining the city’s infrastructure, protecting the environment and providing essential services to residents and area businesses.

Public Works provides water and sewer services, keeps our city clean and neat, handles our garbage and yard trash collection, maintains our roads and streets, maintains city vehicles, takes care of the city's buildings and grounds, maintains city cemeteries and much more. Please feel free to contact any of us if you need information or assistance. The Sandersville Public Works Office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

GIS (geographical system information) data is maintained by the Public Works Director. The City of Sandersville will soon post some of this data, including high quality aerial photography, to our website.  Use of GIS data will be for viewing purposes only unless written consent is granted by the Director. 

The central point of the Public Works network is the Public Works Annex Building. Located at 124 South Hospital Road, the Annex Building is centrally located between the various department buildings it oversees.

Robert Eubanks is the Public Works Director for the City of Sandersville. He works closely with the department supervisors as well as the City Administrator, Mayor and Council. The Director strives to plan for the future goals of the City of Sandersville as well as address the current needs. Obtaining grant funds and controlling spending in the departments is a key component of the director’s job. Robert always maintains a hands-on approach goes well beyond the call of duty.

When you call the office, you will most likely reach Administrative Assistant Belinda Rhodes.  It is her job to receive work orders and customer complaints. Belinda is also the contact for utility locate information, general contact information and any questions you may have regarding your publicly-provided services. However, billing inquiries should be forwarded to City Hall at 478-552-2525.

Central Warehousing and Vehicle Maintenance
The City of Sandersville operates a vehicle maintenance shop and central warehouse. This is a part of our commitment to provide services at a reduced cost and keep taxes low.

Jim Collins operates the warehouse and also distributes and receives goods needed to maintain City operations.

The Vehicle Maintenance Shop provides preventative and corrective maintenance of the City's fleet of vehicles. Otis Taylor is the shop supervisor.

Street Maintenance
The Public Works Department has a section dedicated to the maintenance of streets and street right-of-ways. The department is responsible for removal of yard waste and care of roadsides, ditches and related property. Ellen Salter and her staff work around the clock regardless of time or climate to ensure the storm drains are operating properly to avoid damage to property.

Street Construction
The City's Street Department is divided into two separate divisions of Public Works. The Street Construction Department oversees the structural quality of roads, ditches, storm drains and sidewalks. Repair of existing infrastructure and additional construction keeps the employees on the move. For complaints regarding roadways or sidewalks please contact City Hall for prompt service.

Wastewater Treatment
The City of Sandersville operates a 1.75 MGD capacity activated sludge treatment process. The treatment process uses natural bacteria for the removal of waste. There is little need for chemical treatment in this type of system.

Water Department
Providers of high quality H20! Three main Water Plants currently serve the City of Sandersville. The facilities treat ground water from six deep wells located throughout the City. The Water and Sewer Department operate and maintain the entire distribution and collection system. Water is monitored continuously to ensure drinking quality.

Seaborn Street is the superintendent of the Water and Sewer Department.  He and his crew are dedicated to providing prompt and courteous service. The staff works diligently towards providing uninterrupted service to our customers.