Public Notices

State statutes and local ordinances require government bodies such as the City of Sandersville to publish notices of their activities. These public notices, often found in the legal section of the local newspaper, are intended to help you stay abreast of issues that may affect you.

As the internet has become another popular way to get information, The City now publishes public notices online, including public meeting notices, hearing notices, advertisements for bids, financial reports, adoption of ordinances and notices about other activities that legally require public notice.

(Please note: There is no legal substitute for posting public notices in a timely fashion in a local general circulation newspaper and on public bulletin boards as set out by City ordinance. Remember to check these sources as well for all current public notices. The City posts public notices online as a courtesy only.)

List of Active notices as of October 21, 2020


Ms. Shirley Beasley, is the City of Grovetown's ADA Coordinator, 103 Old Wrightsbor...
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Date Posted: November 23, 2011