Photo by Luanne Brooker

Newcomer Information

Welcome to the City of Sandersville. As you will discover, our community offers an outstanding quality of life with its progressive city government, quality city services, variety of neighborhoods and housing, excellent schools and medical facilities, and friendly people.

Some of us are lucky enough to be Sandersville natives, the rest of us got here as soon as we could. Either way, most of us think there’s no better community in America if you are looking for opportunity, diversity, peace and quiet and quality of life.

We have a tradition of good city government that strives to be as open as possible, listens to City residents, provides quality services, keeps taxes as low as possible and thinks and plans for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Since you chose to move here, you probably already know living in a small town in America has its advantages. City dwellers who visit small towns are always surprised to see people greeting each other and having conversations with people they meet in the street, supermarket, bank and pharmacy. People know each other and this helps create a tighter sense of community that's hard to find in a large city where many people would rather maintain their anonymity.

The benefits of small town living are phenomenal and hard to describe unless you have experienced it first hand.