Mayor and Council

City Council meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 5 p.m. at the City  Council Chambers, 134 Malone Street, Sandersville, GA. Special meetings may be called by the Mayor with due notice.

The Mayor presides at all meetings, preserving order and decorum. In the absence of the Mayor, the Mayor Pro Tem presides, and in the absence of both the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem, the council elects a new pro tem to preside during the absence of those officers. The Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem and three Council Members constitute a quorum.

All City Council meetings are open to the public, except for items allowed to be discussed in Executive Session. All meetings follow the same agenda format, and generally follow Robert’s Rules of Order for public meetings. The preliminary agenda for the City Council is prepared the week before the City Council meeting and posted on the City web page.

Participation in meetings by public-spirited residents is encouraged.

Mayor Jimmy AndrewsMayor
James W. Andrews

Mayor Pro-Tem
Jeffery T. Smith


Meeting Schedules and Agendas
Current and Past Agendas
Schedule of Meetings
To request to be on the agenda, please contact the City Clerk's Office.

Contact Information
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Please Note: E-mail messages and recorded telephone communications to the City of Sandersville are subject to public disclosure under the Georgia Public Records Law.

  Council Member
Mayme L. Dennis

Post 1

Council Member
Henry Watts

Post 2

  Council Member
Danny J. Brown

Post 3


Jason Davis Council Member
Jason Davis

Post 4