Historic Preservation

The Washington County Historical Society was founded in 1976 in celebration of the nation's bicentennial. Its purpose was to promote understanding and appreciation of the history of Washington County and to collect and preserve items of historical significance.

The Society created its own museum in 1979 at "Old Jail" at 129 Jones Street in Sandersville which served as the Historical Society's headquarters until 1999 when it opened another museum, The Brown House.

Throughout the years, the Historical Society has branched out into several sub-committees as the need arose, each responsible for handling the specific needs of it's historical cause.

The Washington County Historical Society meets quarterly in the Washington EMC Civic Room on North Harris Street. Memberships are available for individuals, students and families as well as lifetime memberships.

There are several notable historic locations in Sandersville:

Historical Society Brown House Museum
268 North Harris Street
Open Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 2-5 p.m.
Saturday 10-3

Old Jail Museum and  Genealogy Research Center
129 Jones Street
email: genealogyresearch@att.net
Open Tuesday and Thursday 2-5 p.m.

Charles Choate Exhibit
Washington Co Chamber of Commerce
131 West Haynes Street
Open Monday -Friday 9-5

Old City Cemetery
March to the Sea and Jefferson Davis Trails
Civil War Heritage Trail