Finance Department

Cynthia A. Maddox serves as Finance Officer for the City of Sandersville. Mrs. Maddox began working with the City as Accounting Technician Trainee in May of 2002, became Accounting Technician when she received her Finance Officer Level I Certification in January of 2003. She received her Finance Officer Level II Certification in December of 2003. She was named Finance Officer in 2005. 
Brianna Wiley currently serves as Accounting Assistant in the finance department. Brianna joined the City in December 2007 as a Customer Service Representative, moved to the billing department in 2009 and transferred to her current position in October of 2010. 
Jim Collins currently serves as our Purchasing Agent. Jim joined the City in August of 1997 in the Solid Waste Department and moved to his current position in 2005.
The Finance Department’s primary functions are as follows:
o   Accounts Payable
o   Payroll/Tax Reporting
o    Purchasing/Bids/Surplus Sales/Vendors
o    Budget Preparation and Submission
o    Miscellaneous Receivables/Invoicing
o    Banking and Reconciliations
o    Property and Liability Insurance
o   Asset Inventory
o   Travel/Training Arrangements
o   Assist with Audit Processes-Financial & Workers Compensation

 The Municipal Court Clerk’s office is a division of the Finance Department. As of October 2012, Brinna Wiley began serving as the Municipal Court Clerk in addition to her Accounting Assistant duties. As Municipal Court Clerk, Brianna is responsible for all activities related to the Municipal Court and its proceedings. Some of those functions include:
o   Court Docket Preparation/Dispositions, etc.
o   Citation Status/Updates
o   NCIC and GCIC Certification
o   Criminal Record Update
o   Assists Municipal Court Judge and Solicitor as needed
The Finance Officer and Accounting Assistant can be reached at City Hall 478.552.2525
The Purchasing Agent can be reached at the Public Works Annex 478.552.3459
The Municipal Court Clerk can be reached at City Hall 478.552.2525

All areas are available Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM EST.