Email Setup Tutorial 

This online tutorial will help you set up your email client. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are using Microsoft Outlook Express, but all email programs work similarly.

You will need the following information to complete the setup of your email account:

    • The name you would like to display on emails, e.g. John Doe
    • Your email address, e.g.
    • The names of the incoming and outgoing mail servers, i.e.
    • Your email account name, e.g. jdoe
    • Your email account password, e.g. jdoepassword

To begin:

    • Make sure Windows is running.
    • Close all other applications.
    • Click on the Outlook Express icon. (the small "e" with the envelope)


    • At the top of the screen, click on "Tools"
    • Go down and click on "Accounts..."
    • The Internet Accounts box should pop up.
    • Make sure that the "Mail" tab is selected at the top of the box.
    • Click on "Add"
    • Another box will open.
    • Choose "Mail..."
    • Now the Internet Connection Wizard box opens up.
    • Type your name in the box and click on the "Next >" button.
    • Type your email address in the white box.
    • Click on the "Next >" button.
    • In both boxes, type in "".  Then click on the "Next >" button.
    • Enter your email account name.
      Your email account name is usually the same as the first part of your email address. If the 'name part' of your email address is longer than 12 characters, you will have a different email account name.
    • Enter your password.
    • The next screen asks for a friendly name for this account.  Use the default name and Click "Next >".
    • Choose a connection type.
      • If you connect via a dialup phone line, Select "Connect using my phone line"
      • If you connect via a FiberLink, direct network connection, Select "Connect using my Local Area Network (LAN)"

When finished you should be returned to the Internet Accounts box and you should see the account you just added listed in the box.  Click "Close" to complete the account setup.