City Clerk's Office

Karrie Brown is currently the City Clerk for the City of Sandersville. Mrs. Brown started with the City as a Customer Service Representative in 2004 and then moved into the billing department in 2006. She was appointed to the City Clerk position by the City Council in January of 2009.

The Assistant City Clerk is Kandice Hartley, who joined the City in 2009 as a Customer Service Representative and was promoted the Assistant City Clerk in 2010.

The Office of the City Clerk handles to following duties:

  • Agendas & Minutes for the City Council
  • Administrative support for the Mayor and Council
  • Official records of the City & public requests for records
  • Human Resources for City employees
  • Health & Safety Coordination
  • Quaifying for Elections and Ethics
  • Workers' Compensation claims
  • Occupational Taxes
  • Ad valorem Taxes
  • Sale of cemetery plots at Brownwood Cemetery
  • Website content

The Clerk's office is available at City Hall during normal operating hours or may be reached by calling (478) 552-2525.