Building and Zoning

Contact Information
Building and Zoning Department
141 West Haynes Street.
Sandersville, Ga. 31082
Phone: 478- 552-2626

The Building and Zoning Department serves the residents and businesses of Sandersville  with planning, engineering and inspection needs.

By working with developers, land owners and builders, the Building and Zoning Department works to manage growth and promote the highest quality of development by nuturing the community vision; providing information and recommendations based on sound planning and engineering practices; and explaining and enforcing regulations. The department management and staff pledges to deliver cost-effective and innovative services and the highest level of customer service possible.

The Building and Zoning Department is your “one-stop” shop for information for the following processes: building permits, building inspections, planning and zoning administration.


  • Review and approve plans for development for compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances.
  • Perform inspections on all structures to insure compliance with all International Building Codes and other City/State requirements.
  • Review completed applications for consideration of changes to ordinances, rezoning, variances and special uses by the Planning & Zoning Commission.
  • Maintain the City's Comprehensive Plan, Land Use Map, Zoning Map, Zoning Ordinances and other official planning documents and ordinances.

Planning and Zoning
This department reviews applications and makes recommendations for concept plans, rezoning, annexations, variances, site plans, subdivision plats and other development-related projects. This department is responsible for ensuring that developments meet the minimum zoning and development standards, and generally are consistent with the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.

Building Inspections
Staff reviews, approves and issues all construction permits required by the City’s Codes as well as inspects construction activities to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Sandersville. Inspections are done to ensure compliance with the State Mandated Construction Code as well as City of Sandersville codes and ordinances. The department also inspects existing tenant spaces prior to occupancy by new businesses.

Code Compliance
The department focuses on ensuring compliance with the city’s municipal code and zoning ordinance as they pertain to the regulation of activities that may affect the city’s quality of life, its aesthetics and the welfare of its residents. The department also reviews sign permit applications and enforces the sign ordinance. Additionally, this department ensures that residential and business properties are properly maintained, yards are cut, old appliances and trash are disposed of and inoperative vehicles are not parked in yards.