Benefits of Small Town Living

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, air pollution bothering you? Are you tired of your children being stuck in classrooms that are too big and the anonymity that goes with living in a city? Perhaps it’s time to leave the city and head to a smaller town. There are many advantages of small town living.

If you think small town living might be for you I encourage taking some time to visit several small towns! What’s the first thing you’ll notice?

No hustle and bustle! A few cars straggling down the street, plenty of people walking are common sights. No long lineups of traffic on the freeway or bypass. No cars zooming up and down busy roads. You can instantly see the streets are much safer. And of course car accidents are few and far between.

Did you notice the fresh air? Little or no smog, lots of green space, plenty of parks to enjoy with the children, and peace and quiet. Instantly you feel yourself beginning to relax. The frown lines begin to disappear from your face. Suddenly it feels like all your burdens are gone.

Now stop and have a look up and down the main street. The stores bustling, people are coming and going and all seem to be greeting each person they pass along the way. Suddenly anonymity is gone. There’s a sense of belonging, of people caring and knowing each other, even if just a little bit.

The brick buildings in the town core all have character and seem to welcome you with open arms. Oh look over to there is the city hall. Small, compact, and well organized.

Now take a tour towards the school. The first thing you’ll notice is children laughing and playing. The atmosphere is relaxed and the group of children relatively small. Many small towns have one school for all grades, and some have one primary school, and one junior high and high school combined.

Yes there are fewer teachers but there are far fewer students and classrooms are a comfortable size and the learning environment is greatly enhanced. Here the teacher has time for every single student. And even at the schools community spirit is strong. Dates of upcoming school events are posted on the wall. The year is well planned. Looks like the students may be the entertainment for the year.

Down the road you spot the local doctors office. One doctor who knows everyone by name. He’s a busy guy but not too busy to take a few minutes out to chat with one of the locals on his walk over to the hospital. The hospital is small and offers the basic facilities and top notch medical care. Serious injuries are quickly transported to a metro hospital.

Then it’s time to check out the neighborhoods. Older homes, newer homes, there’s a great mix available. Nice large lots for some privacy and perfect for the kids. No condos, and few apartments. Here families get the opportunity to own their own single family dwelling and they can afford those homes!

But where would you work. Well there are a handful of jobs within the small town communities and many people that are moving back to these small towns make their livelihood online so where they live is not a factor. Some choose small towns that are within commutable distance of the city where they continue to work. And if you’re retired then work is not an issue. There are lots of options to explore!

Small communities are once again thriving. For many small communities the decline of population and threat of extinction have gone. City folk are quickly recognizing the advantages of small town living. In fact each year millions are heading back to rural communities.

So which small towns did you visit? It didn’t really matter did it? Of course each has personal characteristics which might draw you more than the next, but in general what you saw was characteristic of almost all small towns.

There’s a character and an atmosphere and a charm that develops when the community is small enough to become intimate and know each other. When someone becomes ill the entire community quickly jumps in to help the family. When someone dies the community quickly comes to the aid of the grieving family. When someone new moves into town the are quickly greeted with open arms and a big welcome. Community spirit is alive and strong!

And no matter how hard you try it simply cannot be duplicated in the city. Too many people coming and going. Too much hustle and bustle. Too many lives that are far too busy to get to know the people in their neighborhood. No time!

In the city schools are overcrowded reducing the effectiveness of the education. Child poverty is high, child crime seems to be rising, and children can’t play in the park by themselves without adult supervision for fear of harm. In fact children seldom walk to school on their own anymore due to safety concerns.

Small communities are like traveling back in time to an era where life was less complicated, less stressed, where everyone knew their neighbor, and children could enjoy a game of ball at the park or walk to school without fear for their safety. And it’s a lifestyle more and more city dwellers are once again seeking.

So if you are tired of the big city, tired of the crime, the smog, and the lifestyle. Consider moving to a small town where time almost stands still and you’ll get to know your neighbor by their first name. There are many advantages to small town living!

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Author: Jude Minar Photo by Laura McNeely