Staff Directory

Name Job Title Department Phone Numbers Email
Karrie Brown City Clerk Administration 478-552-2525
Jim Collins Purchasing Agent Administration 478-552-3459
Kelly Collins Captain over Road Patrol Police 478-552-3121
Victor Cuyler Police Chief Police 478-552-3121
Robert Eubanks Public Works Director Public Works 478-552-3459
Kandice Hartley Assistant City Clerk Administration 478-552-2525
Wayne Johnson Street Construction Supervisor Public Works 478-552-3459
Renee Jordan Clerk of Administrative Services Police 478-552-3121
Dave Larson Building Official/Code Enforcement/Zoning Admin Administration 478-552-2626
Judy McCorkle City Administrator Administration 478-552-2525
Ken Parker Captain of CID Police 478-552-3121
Wayne Poole Electric Director Electric 478-553-9970
Belinda Rhodes Administrative Assistant Public Works 478-552-3459
Russell Riner Fire Chief Fire 478-552-6233
Ellen Salter Street Maintenance Supervisor Public Works 478-552-3459
Brian Smith Telecom/IT Director Telecommunications 478-552-6015
Seaborn Street Water/Waste Water Supervisor Public Works 478-552-3459
Otis Taylor Fleet Maintenance Mechanic Public Works 478-240-9422
Rondie Warthen Customer Service & Utility Billing Supervisor Administration 478-552-2525
Brianna Wiley Finance Officer Administration 478-552-2525
Leslie Williams Accounting Assistant Administration 478-552-2525