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August 7, 2017 @ 4:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers

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August 7, 2017 - 4:00 P.M.

City Council Chambers


1. Call to order by Mayor Andrews


2. Recognitions:

           Brian Wright, Wright & Wright PC to present the FY 2016 Audit

           Connie Burley, Archway Professional to give quarterly report


3. Department Reports:

            Victor Cuyler, Police Chief

            Russell Riner, Fire Chief

            Wayne Poole, Electric Director

            Robert Eubanks, Public Works Director

            Dave Larson, Building Official
            Karrie Brown, City Clerk


4. City Administrator Report


5. City Attorney Report


6. Council Reports:

            Mayor Andrews

            Mayor Pro Tem Smith

            Council Member Dennis

            Council Member Watts

            Council Member Brown

            Council Member Davis


7. Other Reports

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Sandersville City Council

Working Session Minutes

August 7, 2017 – 4:00 P.M.


Council Members and City Employees present:

Mayor Jimmy Andrews

Mayor Pro Tem Jeffery Smith                                      Judy McCorkle, City Administrator

Council Member Mayme Dennis                                 Victor Cuyler, Chief SPD

Council Member Henry Watts                                     Russell Riner, Chief SFD

Council Member Danny Brown                                   Robert Eubanks, Public Works Director

Council Member Jason Davis                                     Dave Larson, Building Official

Robert Wynne, City Attorney                                      Karrie Brown, City Clerk                              


Mayor Andrews called the working session to order at 4:00 p.m.



Brian Wright with Wright & Wright P.C. then presented the FY 2016 audit to the Mayor and Council. Mr. Wright went over various items page by page. Mr. Wright answered question and concerns from the Mayor and Council Members. Mr. Wright thanked Finance Officer Brianna Wiley, City Administrator McCorkle, and all City staff for their hard work.


Connie Burley from Archway passed out an update for the Council of what Archway has been working on from April – June.  Mrs. Burley stated a work plan retreat is scheduled for October 20th at the Chamber of Commerce.


Department Reports:

Police Chief Cuyler stated he attended a meeting of the NAACP last month in which a discussion was held about the classification of Tasers, which are currently classified as “less lethal” weapons. Chief Cuyler read and explained the Sandersville Police Department policy on the use of Tasers and added that he feels they are classified correctly. Chief Cuyler gave an example of a situation when the department used their Tasers. Chief Cuyler continued to explain that all incidents that result in a use of force are reviewed by him and must be justified.


Council Member Dennis then discussed the physical and mental fitness of the Police Officers and the possibility of periodic evaluations. She noted that she has been against Tasers from the start. Another suggestion would be to only allow supervisors or more experienced officers to carry Tasers. Police Chief Cuyler and the Council Members discussed the Tasers further.  


Fire Chief Riner reported the Fire House roof project is complete as well as the annual physical agility tests and the annual fire hydrant inspections. Chief Riner stated there will be a live burn at the Training Facility on September 23rd. He noted they are still short 3 volunteer fire fighters.


Electric Director Poole stated he will be working on the annual meter testing this week. They will test about 12 sites which will include commercial and industrial customers.


Public Works Director Eubanks stated the sewer line behind the Old City Cemetery is backing up and full of roots. City workers have done all they can do and the line has to be replaced.  Public Works Director Eubanks stated this is an emergency situation and asked if the Council will give him permission, during the regular meeting, to obtain bids and approve up to $40,000 to the lowest bidder. He added this project will be reimbursed by the USDA loan.


Public Works Director Eubanks then stated the LMIG funding for years 2015 through 2017 was going to be spent on the E. Haynes St. improvement project. He has asked GA DOT to allow the City to use the 2015 LMIG funding to mill and repave S. Smith St. and to resurface Winchester Way and then move the LMIG funding for E. Haynes St. one year forward. Council Member Dennis asked that the Alfred Carson Dr. area to be included for future paving projects.


Public Works Director Eubanks stated there is a bid award on the regular agenda for the East Haynes Street improvement project. The low bidder found a duplicated item which brought the bid amount down. However, their bid was still over budget, so the contractor agreed to a 10% reduction in price. If awarded, the project will start in January of 2018.


Building Official Larson stated he sent out information to the Council Members on a recent zone change request. He would like to discuss this information with the Council Members in detail so a decision can be made.


Mayor Andrews adjourned the Working Session at 5:20 p.m. 

Posted by: Karrie Brown on Aug 4, 2017
Last Modified by: Karrie Brown on Aug 22, 2017

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