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May 1, 2017 @ 4:00 p.m.

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May 1, 2017 - 4:00 P.M.

City Council Chambers




1. Call to order by Mayor Andrews


2. Recognitions:

            Keith Thompson

            Jamie Brindell

            Katie Moncus


3. Department Reports:

            Victor Cuyler, Police Chief

            Russell Riner, Fire Chief

            Wayne Poole, Electric Director

            Robert Eubanks, Public Works Director

            Dave Larson, Building Official

4. City Administrator Report


5. City Attorney Report


6. Council Reports:

            Mayor Andrews

            Mayor Pro Tem Smith

            Council Member Dennis

            Council Member Watts

            Council Member Brown

            Council Member Davis


7. Other Reports

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Sandersville City Council

Working Session Minutes

May 1, 2017 – 4:00 P.M.


Council Members and City Employees present:

Mayor Pro Tem Jeffery Smit

Mayor Jimmy Andrews                                                 Dave Larson, Building Official

Council Member Jason Davis                                    Russell Riner, Chief SFD

Council Member Henry Watts                                     Robert Eubanks, Public Works Director

Council Member Danny Brown                                  Victor Cuyler, Chief SPD

Council Member Mayme Dennis                               Wayne Poole, Electric Director

Robert Wynne, City Attorney                                       Kandice Hartley, Assistant City Clerk

Judy McCorkle, City Administrator                          


Mayor Andrews called the May 1, 2017 working session to order at 4:00 p.m.



Jamie Brindell with the Washington County Recreation Department gave an update on the Disk Golf Park.  He stated the first tournament will be held this Saturday, May 6, 2017 and noted there are both pros and amateurs registered to play. 


Katie Moncus with the Chamber of Commerce announced there will be concert on this Saturday night. There will be a D.J. from 6:30-7:30 and a live band from 8:00-10:00. Mrs. Moncus added there will be several food vendors on the square that night, and hoped it will encourage the players from the Disk Golf tournament to stay and enjoy downtown. 


Connie Burley from Archway passed out an update for the Council of what Archway has been working on from January – March.  Burley went into detail on specific projects that were focused on and around Washington County.


Department Reports:

Police Chief Cuyler reviewed the quarterly report stating there were no vehicle pursuits but there were 2 Use of Force incidents. Council Member Dennis stated there is still a problem with cars racing on South Hospital Rd around to the Recreation Department. Council Member Dennis asked Chief Cuyler to please have officer’s presence heavily in this area. Chief Cuyler stated that it would help if the citizens in the area could give a description of vehicle or even a tag number so they can address this problem. Mayor Andrews also stated that there had been several incidents with stray pit bulls, for everyone to be on the lookout and call Animal Control.   


Fire Chief Riner stated that they have tested the pumps and trucks and they all passed.  He also stated that all other local surrounding departments had a mutual aid practice at the training center and it went well.  Chief Riner announced there would be a car seat check this Saturday, May 6th that the fire department would be assisting the police department in this event.


Electric Director Poole stated that he had a bid for a new pickup truck on the agenda and he would be passing his truck to the crew.  He obtained bids for both an XL and an XLT and that he preferred the XLT.  Director Poole also stated that the medium size bucket truck transmission was having issues and was going to have to be fixed. Electric Director Poole stated the tree trimming will be winding down this next week. 


Public Works Director Eubanks said there would be a meeting in Milledgeville with the GA DOT about the Thiele Park. The land grading for the park has begun.  Director Eubanks went on to say that the public works crews have been doing a lot of work out at the disk golf pro shop and everything will be completed by Friday afternoon. City Administrator McCorkle stated the business, Deep River Outfitters, will be running the concession stand and selling T-Shirts for the Disk Golf Tournament this Saturday, May 6th


Council Member Dennis asked Director Eubanks about a side walk being put in at M. Friedman Dr. from Hunters Run Apartments to Dollar General.  Director Eubanks said the request has been brought to his attention but that the project has not been funded this year but could be added for next year.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith explained that it at least needs to be looked into, and if it could be added to next year’s project list.  


Building Official Larson gave an update on Diesel Depot said they had been in court all day and the court is asking for 10 more days to review case law. 


City Administrator Report:

City Administrator McCorkle reviewed the agenda items.  City Administrator McCorkle explained there was an approval list of surplus property on the regular agenda and if approved these items will be sold at the City Auction.  Administrator McCorkle went on to say that this Saturday there will be a ribbon cutting at the Disk Golf Pro Shop and invited Mayor and Council to attend. 


Mayor and Council Reports:

Council Member Brown expressed citizens concern on Ridgeland Dr. and about citizens leaving trash carts out by the road after the trash truck has picked up.  He noted that citizens in this area need to take pride in their neighborhood.  Council Member Brown questioned if there is anything that can be done to enforce citizens to take their cart back in instead of leaving them out.   City Administrator McCorkle stated that Building Official Larson could look at doing an ordinance change that would enforce this. 


Mayor Andrews adjourned the Working Session at 5:00 p.m.


Posted by: Karrie Brown on Apr 27, 2017
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