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March 20, 2017 @ 4:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers

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March 20, 2017 - 4:00 P.M.

City Council Chambers


1. Call to order by Mayor Andrews


2. Recognitions: Angela Releford


3. Department Reports:

            Victor Cuyler, Police Chief

            Russell Riner, Fire Chief

            Wayne Poole, Electric Director

            Robert Eubanks, Public Works Director

            Dave Larson, Building Official

4. City Administrator Report


5. City Attorney Report


6. Council Reports:

            Mayor Andrews

            Mayor Pro Tem Smith

            Council Member Dennis

            Council Member Watts

            Council Member Brown

            Council Member Davis


7. Other Reports

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Sandersville City Council

Working Session Minutes

March 20, 2017 – 4:00 P.M.


Council Members and City Employees present:

Mayor Pro Tem Jeffery Smith                                    Dave Larson, Building Official

Council Member Mayme Dennis                             Russell Riner, Chief SFD

Council Member Henry Watts                                   Robert Eubanks, Public Works Director

Council Member Danny Brown                                Victor Cuyler, Chief SPD

Council Member Jason Davis                                  Wayne Poole, Electric Director

Robert Wynne, City Attorney                                    Kandice Hartley, Assistant City Clerk

Judy McCorkle, City Administrator                          


Absent: Mayor Jimmy Andrews


Mayor Pro Tem Jeffery Smith called the working session to order at 4:00 p.m.



Angela Releford stated that she would like to explain why she does not participate in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.  Ms. Releford stated that she did not want to offend anyone or anyone to look at her any differently, but that she cannot Pledge due to religious reasons.


Department Reports:

Police Chief Cuyler stated that Police Officer Jacob Kennedy had completed mandate training and is ready to be sworn in.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith introduced Officer Kennedy stating that he is a local of Sandersville who received a degree from Georgia Southern in Criminal Justice and has returned to Sandersville to pursue his career in law enforcement.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith then swore in Officer Kennedy.  Chief Cuyler then reviewed the 2016 Pursuit Analysis Report.     


Fire Chief Riner stated he has a technician coming to look at Ladder Truck #6 because it is having hydraulic issues this week and needs servicing. 


Electric Director Poole stated that he has finished up at KFC and they are now open for business.  He also stated that the tree trimers were still working different areas around town.   


Public Works Director Eubanks stated that the contracts were executed for the Brentwood crosswalk on Linton Rd.  Public Works Director Eubanks stated there will be a preconstruction meeting about the project soon and council was welcome to attend.  Mayor Prom Tem Smith stated that this was an LMIG project. Public Works Director Eubanks stated the disc golf pro shop has been delivered and looks very nice. 


Building Official Larson stated the KFC is now completed and has been very busy.  Building Official Larson stated that the Diesel Depot has been served for court and he will keep the Council updated.  Building Official Larson reported he has completed his training for Code Enforcement Level II. 


City Administrator Report:

City Administrator McCorkle reviewed the agenda items.  The Council Members expressed concerns with the Mid-State Auction Company contract. They asked Administrator McCorkle to get clarification on the 10% fees in the contract.   The Council Members agreed to table this contract during the regular meeting until clarification is made.  City Administrator McCorkle then explained that the disk golf tournament has been rescheduled for May 6th & 7th.


Mayor Pro Tem Smith adjourned the Working Session at 4:45 p.m. 

Posted by: Karrie Brown on Mar 16, 2017
Last Modified by: Karrie Brown on Apr 14, 2017

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