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March 6, 2017 @ 4:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers

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March 6, 2017 - 4:00 P.M.

City Council Chambers


1. Call to order by Mayor Andrews


2. Recognitions:

Pinning - Volunteer Firefighters

                Chris Hutchings – Update on Retail Development

                Proclamation for Restaurant Month


3. Department Reports:

            Victor Cuyler, Police Chief

            Russell Riner, Fire Chief

            Wayne Poole, Electric Director

            Robert Eubanks, Public Works Director

            Dave Larson, Building Official
             Karrie Brown, City Clerk


4. City Administrator Report


5. City Attorney Report


6. Council Reports:

            Mayor Andrews

            Mayor Pro Tem Smith

            Council Member Dennis

            Council Member Watts

            Council Member Brown

            Council Member Davis


7. Other Reports

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Sandersville City Council

Working Session Minutes

March 6, 2017 – 4:00 P.M.


Council Members and City Employees present:

Mayor Jimmy Andrews                                              Judy McCorkle, City Administrator

Mayor Pro Tem Jeffery Smith                                    Victor Cuyler, Chief SPD

Council Member Mayme Dennis                             Wayne Poole, Electric Department Director

Council Member Henry Watts                                  Russell Riner, Chief SFD

Council Member Danny Brown                               Robert Eubanks, Public Works Director

Council Member Jason Davis                                Dave Larson, Building Official

Bob Wynne, City Attorney                                        Karrie Brown, City Clerk


Mayor Andrews called the working session to order at 4:00 p.m.



Chris Hutchings gave the Mayor and Council Members an update of the retail development projects that he has been working on. He gave a handout of projects going on in Sandersville and Washington County but noted he had not worked on any of the listed projects. He reported that Sandersville does not currently have the population numbers to attract a larger chain restaurant. He has visited 13 neighboring counties with successful restaurants of which 3 have shown interest in Sandersville. Mr. Hutchings noted one of the biggest obstacles is finding the right building to suite the restaurant’s needs. He then stated the City could possibly apply for a redevelopment grant to fund a building project of this nature. The Council discussed selling the City owned property next to KFC to a developer.


Chris Hutchings stated that March is Restaurant Month and there are several initiatives to promote local restaurants. OFTC will offer a series of classes on service and hospitality. The Chamber will hold a drawing; anyone who dines out after 5:00 p.m. can bring their receipt to the Chamber for a chance to win a $100 gift card. Mr. Hutchings also reported the Chamber will host a Taste of the Towns event on March 27th at OFTC and tickets are only $15 each.


Mayor Andrews then read and presented a proclamation to Chris Hutchings and Katie Moncus of the Chamber of Commerce proclaiming March 2017 as restaurant month in Sandersville.


Fire Chief Riner pinned volunteer firefighters, Kyle Watkins, Chastain Danzy, and Cason Anderson. He noted they have all been with the volunteer department for about a year and a half and also have all completed the state training. Fire Chief Riner, along with the Mayor and Council Members all congratulated the volunteer firefighters and thanked them for their service.


Department Reports:

Police Chief Cuyler stated that as part of the State Certification process, they have to complete an annual Use of Force Analysis. This report is important because it will identify trends and areas of improvement. Chief Cuyler noted that in 2016 there were no policy violations related to use of force. Chief Cuyler then went over the statistical data from the Use of Force Analysis from 2016. He also gave the statistical data from the Police Department for February 2017.


CID Captain Ken Parker then gave a report for the Crime Suppression Unit which started in January 2017. He noted this unit has worked a total of 18 hours, has completed 3 details, and made 6 arrests. He added that he and Detective Pauline Brown made a presentation to the Boys and Girls Club and are planning additional community outreach programs in the future.


Electric Director Poole stated his crews continue working to change out the old meters to AMR meters. Also, the tree trimming project is still ongoing.


Building Official Larson noted there is a zone variance request on the regular agenda to place a carport on the side of the house that will not meet set back requirements. The Planning & Zoning Board met and unanimously approved the request.


City Clerk Brown reminded everyone that City property taxes are due March 31st. Also there is a request on the regular agenda from the Washington County Elderite Association to sell wine at a fundraising event they will be hosting on April 30th. Ms. Deborah Brown with the Elderite Association was present to answer questions about the fundraiser and also invited everyone to attend.


City Administrator Report:

City Administrator McCorkle briefly went over the regular agenda items. She stated that there is a resolution on the regular agenda for the City to apply for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) which will be used at the Boys and Girls Club for improvements. Joy Norris, who serves on the Advisory Board for the Boys and Girls Club, stated she appreciates the partnership between the City and the Boys and Girls Club. Mrs. Norris gave an overview of the items that grant funds would cover including air conditioning for the big room, replacing windows, upgrading lighting, installing rubberized flooring, expanding the kitchen, and replacing the rear roll up door.


City Administrator McCorkle stated there is a resolution on the regular agenda to amend the Large Industrial Electric Service Tariff to decrease the maximum monthly measured demand from 5,000 kilowatts to 3,000 kilowatts. Mayor Pro Tem Smith added this is an effort to make Sandersville competitive for larger industrial customers and retain existing customers.


Mayor Andrews adjourned the Working Session at 5:00 p.m.

Posted by: Karrie Brown on Mar 6, 2017
Last Modified by: Karrie Brown on Apr 14, 2017

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